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"and nothing else matters" --metallica

Oct. 25th, 2013

12:40 pm - Rewriting the Rules, Chapter 8b/? (PG-13, Gen)

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Saturday (continued)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was late afternoon when the Impala returned to their motel, with Sam and Tony both thrilled to walk in the door and find cold beers waiting in the minifridge.

"Where's Gibbs?" asked Tony cautiously, trying not to jump to conclusions about his boss' award-winning ability to piss people off.

"In his room," Dean shrugged.  "I'd say 'napping,' but there's no way that's possible at his present caffeine level.  Hold on, I'll call him."

The television was on some stupid talk show, but Sam and Tony still sat down to watch it while Dean pulled out his phone.  Some girl was whining about how her boyfriend had cheated on her, but she still wanted him to pay half the rent and drive her kid to soccer practice.  With his mind so quickly numbed, Tony didn't realize until the commercial break that Dean had stayed silent.

"Hey, you forgot to call Gibbs," he pointed out.

"I sent him a text."

Tony sighed.  "He probably can't figure out why his phone beeped.  If there's not a specific, physical button for it-- like on, off, and numbers-- Gibbs can't be bothered to learn it.  Better just make a real call."

"Dean's not much different," Sam said with a smirk.

"That's because little toys are your forte, geek boy.  Mine is weapons and fast engines."

"Whatever you say, old man."

"Older and wiser," Dean nodded, putting his phone to his ear.  After a short wait for it to ring, he announced, "The kids are home from school," and hung up.

"Very funny."  Sam rolled his eyes. Read more...Collapse )

12:36 pm - Rewriting the Rules, Chapter 8a/? (PG-13, Gen)

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You can also find this story at AO3, where it would love a Kudos or two

Chapter Eight
16k words, 58k total

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The map said it was five hours down Highway 95, so they left Gibbs' house at 0600.  Sam dared to suggest they save time by not stopping at the diner for coffee, but Dean correctly interpreted Gibbs' lack of reply to mean the subject wasn't up for debate.  Tony's hair hadn't been dyed in several days, leaving his beard well-grown but badly frosted-- and his mood self-conscious and grumpy-- as they all piled into the Winchesters' Impala.

Dean handed Tony the shoebox of cassette tapes as consolation.  Tony then mulled over the two dozen choices until Gibbs finally handed everyone a tall, steaming cup of caffeine.  He sat the box on the seat between them so both hands were available to pour sugar into his drink until it tasted even better than it smelled.  When that task was finished, he pulled out Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" to dangle over the front seat, where Sam put it into the deck.

Gibbs turned the box around and leisurely rifled through the contents to catalog the choices for later.

"The 'Journey' album is Sam's." Read more...Collapse )

Oct. 4th, 2012

11:52 am - gishwhes2012.com

"Hello Comrades,
The second First Annual Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (Gishwhes II) is nearly upon us! Registration is open, and people are already forming teams, boarding up their windows, stockpiling provisions and saying prayers.
If you didn't join Gishwhes One, don't flush another year down the toilet. You deserve to be a part of this surreal phenomenon, this sociological Petri dish, this art fart. And of course, if you were with us last year, then you already know that your therapist's career depends on you doing it again. 
If you come aboard as an individual, we will add you to a global team of hyper-efficient, incredibly good-looking savants.
Alternatively, you can stack your deck in your favor and form your own team of fifteen like-minded freaks.
The team that scavenges hardest and accumulates the most points gets two things: First, they get to walk around with an air of superiority for the next twelve months. Second, they will be flown to Scotland to stay with me in a private, haunted castle. We will dine like royalty and hunt ghosts like... whatever elite ghost hunters hunt ghosts like. 
I'd love to have you along for the ride. So sign up now.
Your tormentor,


Sep. 20th, 2012

03:57 pm - #DallasCon creativity

Sep. 19th, 2012

08:19 pm - good news and bad

GOOD NEWS: I'm going to my first SPN convention this weekend!
BAD NEWS: I know absolutely NO ONE. Yikes! Hope I sit by someone nice! I don't mind being a loner, but I'm not keen on being the *only* loner. :-/

GOOD NEWS: I'm 3/4 finished with the next chapter of my WIP.
BAD NEWS: I don't foresee it getting finished before 2013, because...

GOOD NEWS: My husband got a real job!!! This is a BIG deal, because he's got a 6-figure loan to pay off for all that medical school.
BAD NEWS: It's on the other side of the DFW metroplex-- too far to commute. So we have to move away from a neighborhood I love. And I have to get this house packed and ready to sell. Which will take up all my free time (and leave my WIP hanging far too long).

GOOD NEWS: My WIP most definitely WILL get finished eventually.
BAD NEWS: My queue of fic to read just got longer than my Pocket app can handle. I don't have enough time to read either! :-( There's just SO many good stories in this fandom! I may drown under it, but what a great way to go!

In other news, my football team has totally crashed and burned for the season. 0-and-3. That's so traumatic, I can't even call it "bad" news. Apocalyptic, more like. *sigh*

Jul. 19th, 2012

04:51 pm - Rewriting the Rules, Chapter 7/? (PG-13, Gen)

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Chapter Seven
5,500 words | 42k total

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Four Days Later)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tony really, really missed his work computer and all the easy access it brought to finding needles in haystacks.  Trying to solve a case without it reminded him of being a rookie cop in the early '90s when all the veterans grumbled about the newfangled electronic files in the same breath as reminiscing about the "good old days" of digging through a hundred boxes full of paper cuts for weeks at a time before unearthing a single lead.  The Winchesters' methods weren't completely archaic, but NCIS had spoiled him.

After an unfruitful Sunday listening to Sam and Dean con their way into a dozen conversations about the town's possibly-shady past, they were stalled for ideas and ready to call it a night when Tony naively suggested expanding the search to a fifty-mile radius with missing and runaway teens added in.  The brothers shrugged approval and tabled it until morning.

Which was when he discovered that search parameters weren't just words typed into a keyboard.

Tony knew that already.  Honestly.  It just hadn't registered at the moment the thought was voiced.

Fortunately, Sam said the list of missing kids was publically on the internet.  But Dean clearly had as much patience as Gibbs with unsolved cases, because after two and a half days of library hopping, he declared that he was going to acquire all the police reports for the county "the easy way."

Of course, Tony had to ask what that meant.

Then they all got to spend the next twenty-four hours arguing about it.  With all four of them trying to use respectful words and tone, because they didn't actually know each other well enough to yell over something that wasn't a big deal in the grand scheme of protecting the people at that park.  And they did still have that goal agreed on.

Dean wanted to waltz into the county police station and download all the relevant data to a USB drive.  Snatching a uniform and access card from a real cop first, "of course."  Tony had thought it was a joke, until Sam nodded absently from across their last pile of research in Smallville's library.

As a former cop and current notorious criminal, Tony had freaked out a little.

Read more...Collapse )

Jul. 18th, 2012

05:31 pm - Rewriting the Rules, Chapter 6/? (PG-13, Gen)

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Chapter Six
7,600 words | 36k total

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gibbs made them stop at his favorite diner for coffee before leaving town.  Dean grumbled while the Impala idled until the older man returned to the car with large cups for all of them and a handful of sugar packets for Tony.  Sam stole one for himself, but both Winchesters agreed the delay was worthwhile when they got their first tastes.

"So," Gibbs said, sitting behind Dean as they pulled back on the road, "fill us in on the details."

"City park in Faulkner, Maryland," said Sam.  "Guy was jogging around the lake when he suddenly jumped in and drowned where it was just four feet deep.  Witnesses thought it was weird, but didn't realize he was actually in trouble until it was too late.  Couple of years ago, a nine-year-old was climbing on the tiny bridge over the stream there and tried doing a swan dive into the sidewalk.  Then there's a handful of serious accidents.  One on the playground, two picnickers, and another jogger.  That's all I found, but the county police reports only go back four years online, so there could easily be more."

"We'll find out what the witnesses saw first, then hit the library," Dean added.

"And you think this is a ghost," Gibbs wanted confirmed.

"Not necessarily.  Could be any kind of invisible spirit."

Sam started ticking some off.  "A daeva, rakshasa, hellhound, local Native American deities, a tulpa.  But probably a ghost, yeah."

"If the ghost is invisible, how are you going to convince me it's real?"

"Depending on how old and strong it is, it will probably make itself visible when it attacks us.  But otherwise you'll still see something move by itself."

"You think it's going to attack us?" Tony asked.

Read more...Collapse )

Jun. 26th, 2012

10:36 am - never give up, never surrender!

I'm still alive, and this story WILL get finished!  Real Life has been beating me down the past couple of months, but I'm not going without a fight.  Thank you SO much to those of you who protested at the looooong delay -- that tells me that you actually care about the scenario I dropped our boys in.  :-)  I personally hate leaving anything half finished, and that goes double for stories.  I suspect summer will continue to keep me backed up, since it's hard to find a quiet space/time when my kids are home, but if nothing else, school is just a couple months away.  My goal is to finish before SPN starts season 8!  So all that to say, don't write off Tony DiNozzo-Winchester just yet.  Thanks!!

May. 8th, 2012

02:01 pm - Rewriting the Rules, Chapter 5/? (PG-13, Gen)

link back to Chapter Four

Chapter Five

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For the first time, Tony was unsurprised to not be in his apartment when he woke up on Gibbs' couch at 6:30.  He went straight to the kitchen, hoping to catch Gibbs before he left.  Finding a new guest sitting at the table beside his boss startled Tony wide awake, and he whirled around before they could see his face.

"DiNozzo!" yelled Gibbs before he took two steps.

Tony turned in surprise.  So much for keeping him a secret.

"It's just Winchester," Gibbs said exasperated.  "Playing dress up."

Looking at Dean roll his eyes, Tony relaxed.  "No heart attacks before coffee, please.  What are you doing in a suit?"

"Sam found a hunt nearby.  I'm interviewing witnesses."

Tony went to grab a mug and pour himself some caffeine, so he didn't see the looks exchanged between the two men behind his back.  "Sam going with you?"

"No, I can handle it.  Should be done after lunch.  Hey, don't watch that crap on tv today.  Get Sam to spar or teach you an exorcism or something."

Tony blinked.  "Is it like the movie?"

"Keep dreaming.  It's a page of Latin to memorize, but that's the easy part.  Getting a demon to hold still long enough to hear it, that's the trick."

"Can't wait," he muttered.  They were finishing bowls of cereal, so Tony grabbed an orange out of the fridge and started peeling it.  The milk was almost out.

Gibbs got up, rinsed his bowl, and started gathering his keys.  Catching his eye, Tony asked, "You good?"  He didn't really know how to offer sympathy to a friend on his way to a fake funeral full of other friends who thought it was real.

He got a small but sincere smile and a nod.  He guessed that would have to do.

"Later, dude," said Dean.

Tony waved with his free hand, observing that Dean really did look capable of passing for an FBI agent.

"What name is on your badge?" he wondered.

Dean flashed it easily, like he did it every day.  "Ray Davies."  At Tony's blank look, he added, "From the Kinks."

"Oh.  Well, watch out for Lola."

Read more...Collapse )

May. 7th, 2012

05:38 pm - Rewriting the Rules, Chapter 4/? (PG-13, Gen)

link back to Chapter Three

Chapter Four

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Everyone was quiet the next morning.  Gibbs didn't even comment on the new coffee maker.  Tony knew he'd throw it out after the Winchesters left, but he was grateful for it while it lasted.

"DNA results should be in around noon," his boss said on his way out.  "I'll call you."  Tony stood staring at the door after it closed, lost momentarily in thought.

Sam cleared his throat and waited for Tony's attention.  "I have phone numbers for almost half the people on the list.  The rest would need access to government databases to narrow down, but I figure Gibbs can handle that if you want."

"Yeah," Tony agreed, moving them into the living room.  "Might as well get started.  Who's first?

"Haley Collins in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Her brother was abducted on a campout by a wendigo.  It's a strong, fast, immortal monster that used to be a plain old human cannibal.  Oh, um, that doesn't sound very scary, so just ask Haley for the civilian perspective," Sam suggested.

"Aren't you two civilians?" Tony pointed out.

"That's what hunters call you normal folk who don't know about the things that go bump in the night," Dean grinned.

Read moreCollapse )

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